5 Reasons Everyone Needs An Emergency Dentist

Not all dental problems can wait until working hours to be solved. Some are unbearably painful while others may spark an oral health disaster if not treated early. Such situations call for the attention of an emergency dentist.

Below we have discussed five simple reasons why everyone needs emergency dental care:

  1. If you’re experiencing excessive pain

Severe pain in the mouth is a sign that something is wrong in the teeth, gums or jaw. Unless the pain lasts half an hour or less, consider seeing an emergency dentist to check your mouth.

  1. If your tooth gets severely damaged

If your tooth gets partially or entirely knocked out by accident, there is a chance it can be restored if you seek medical attention immediately. It is important to note that if the nerve is left to die, some of the effects may not be reversible.

  1. If you experience abscess or pus drainage

Abscess and pus drainage are obvious signs of an infected gum, with a rapidly developing condition as the underlying cause. Administration of antibiotics at an emergency dental care center will help prevent the condition from spreading while the dentist tries to establish the cause of your problem.

  1. If you experience swollenness

Parts of your mouth getting swollen without any apparent reason is a sign you have an infection that is only starting to develop.

Find an emergency dentist in Alhambra today

Fair Oaks Dental Group is a dental care center in Alhambra that offers care for all kinds of dental emergencies. Whether it’s a knock, a toothache or swelling that won’t stop, our experienced emergency dentist is always up for the task to see that your problem is addressed. Call us today at (626) 431-2654 to learn more about our services.

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