Beating Bad Breath at Home

beating bad breathLet’s face it, nobody likes bad breath. It can be a huge turnoff and appear very unattractive and make it seem as if our hygiene needs work. When in reality, the issue might be because we just loaded up on raw onions during lunch and are now facing the consequences. In any event, one thing is for sure: bad breath is not pleasant whatever the cause may be.

Beating Bad Breath from Home

When we say, “beat bad breath at home”, we’re really referring to bad breath that has been a re-occurring theme. At this point, you’re probably frustrated with the issue and need to find improvements in your life that could reverse the damage done, no matter what the cause is. That is why we will reveal to you the most common lifestyle changes people make that not only cure bad breath, but assist in other faucets of our life as well.

Improving Your Brushing & Flossing Game

Bad breath may be caused by periodontal disease and other decay in the mouth. Have you ever noticed your dog’s mouth smell very bad? It’s probably because they have rotten teeth. The same applies to humans when we suffer from decay. Brush for 2 minutes, twice per day & floss at least once per day (preferably in the night) & you should see improvement in bad breath.


Obviously what we put into our body will have consequences. Known foods that always cause bad breath are certain spices, raw onions, & garlic – which are in many dishes. Sugary foods allow bacteria to thrive in the mouth, which could also cause bad breath. Changing up your diet can make a huge difference.

Stay Hydrated

A dry mouth often causes bad breath. Simply by staying up to par on drinking water throughout the day can fix this issue. We highly recommend water, too, because other drinks may be filled with sugar, which can be catastrophic for our oral health.

Chewing Better

Having a lot of gas in our bellies will either come out in the form of flatulence (which doesn’t smell good) or belching (which also isn’t attractive). Bad breath is often a byproduct of gas in our digestive system that needs to escape in one way. One way to help out digestive system out is by chewing our foods better instead of swallowing them too quickly.

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